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وظيفة " Compliance and Vetting Specialist "

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2016-12-21 00:00:00
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Scope of Work
Compliance and Vetting Specialist
Palestinian Renewable Energy Project (PREP)

Position: Compliance and Vetting Specialist         
Period of Performance:    LTTA
Level of Effort:Long-term Technical Assistance (LTTA)
Location:Ramallah, West Bank
Reports to:Operations Manager

The Compliance and Vetting Specialist is responsible for the execution and support of the organization’s compliance and vetting goals in the West Bank / Gaza.  This position reports to the Operations Manager    

Compliance with and vetting of the PREP contract’s annual audit requirement is of utmost importance to the project. The Compliance and Vetting Specialist will therefore ensure compliance with PREP’s program and project objectives, and affiliated laws.  Furthermore, the Compliance and Vetting Specialist will supervise all PREP field-based program compliance with established auditing, vetting and compliance policies and procedures.  The Compliance and Vetting Specialist will also be responsible for identifying opportunities to standardize, simplify and improve processes.

The Compliance and Vetting Specialist’s duties and responsibilities include:

-Manage development and utilization of systems for collecting, organizing, monitoring and reporting on the flow of documentation supporting costs incurred, e.g. timesheets, receipts, vendor invoices, grantee claims and performance, and program indicator data.  Support effective integration and utilization of the OneSource online system for systems development and management to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures.
-Identify opportunities in project business practices and that existing practices are in compliance with applicable polices.  
-Make recommendations for remediation of identified issues in a timely manner and revisit areas with previously defined deficiencies to assess results.  All reporting will be done with field-based management, home office management and Operations Manager
-Develop and execute compliance and vetting review plan and schedule approved by the Operations Manager.
-Assist in overseeing the execution of a comprehensive compliance and vetting approach (policies, procedures, processes, controls and measures) responsive to financial, compliance and operational risks in accordance with professional standards.  Identify compliance and control procedures used to ensure key risks are properly controlled and monitored.
-Ensure findings of unmitigated risks and/or compliance and control deficiencies are adequately communicated to be understood and remedied by PREP field management and AECOM home office management. Work with PREP field management to ensure that remediation plans are appropriate, implemented in a timely manner, and yield desired results.
-Provide direction, training and guidance to unit staff on a continuing basis; ensure trainings in support of effective job performance are provided to unit staff, as needed; and monitor and evaluate unit staff performance with regards to PREP policies and USAID rules and regulations.
-Consistently evaluate auditing, compliance and vetting policies and procedures.  Recommend steps to improve/strengthen procedures to assure that all reasonable steps are being taken to comply with USAID regulations, and USAID and AECOM contract requirements for cost controls and administrative rules.  Under the direction of the Operations Manager manage refinement of auditing, vetting and compliance policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities across the project, as needed.  Benchmark the department on a regular basis in pursuit of better practices.

-2 – 5 years of relevant professional experience 
-Experience working in: operational and financial systems development and management; budgeting and reporting; compliance; internal controls; and procurement
-Experience developing audit and compliance strategies
-Understanding of USAID regulations, policies and procedures, particularly related to auditing requirements 

Salary Expectations
This position is anticipated to pay between $30,000 and $37,000 per annum.

Submission Guidelines:

Qualified applicants are requested to submit a resume and cover letter to 


no later than December 21, 2016. 

Please indicate in the subject line the name of the position. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.



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