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رام الله

Marketing Officer-Watania

Field: Marketing & Communications

Contract Type: Full Time - Permanent
Location: Palestine - West Bank
Closing date: 10-Feb-2017

Role Summary & Duties and Responsibilities:

This is a speculative position for candidates who would like to work in Marketing & Communications roles for Wataniya Palestine. You may be considered for future job opportunities based any where in Palestine.

شركة مينا للإستثمار


MENA Investment Company is a leading company in the automotive industry and official importer of Nissan brand is currently seeking to a hire a Marketing Assistant /Customer Care Officer

Position details

Job title: Receptionist
Department: Administrative affairs and Personnel
Closing Date: 22/1/2017


معهد إدوارد سعيد الوطني للموسيقى


وظيفة مؤقتة ، منسقة أو منسق مشروع موسيقي (جوقات)

وظيفة " Project Manager " معلنة بواسطة وزارة المالية والتخطيط

US Government provided fund through the US Consulate to establish a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) hosted by the Directorate General of International Relations and Projects Department at the Ministry of Finance & Planning (MoFP) to supervise and manage US Government funded projects (The Framework Agreement).


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