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2016-12-21 00:00:00
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Request for CVs of Project Manager

Country: State of Palestine
Name of Project: Hebron Regional Wastewater Management Project- Phase I
Project ID No.: P117449
Duration of Contract: 1 year extendable 

Project Background

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) for the benefit of the Palestine has received financing amount of only US$4,500,000 equivalent from the World Bank toward the cost of the “Hebron Regional Wastewater Management Project-Phase I”, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, Works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project. 
The objective of the project is to reduce the environmental pollution from wastewater produced in Hebron Municipality. It contributes to the broader PROJECT DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES (PDO) of the HWRMP, which is to improve wastewater management and reuse for the benefit of water users and the environment in the Hebron Governorate.

The Palestinian Water Authority is considering the appointment of a qualified Project Manager (PM) who will be responsible for the below contracts:
-Design, Supply and Installation of Plant and Equipment for HRWWTP, currently under International bidding processing. This contract is financed by AFD and EU and the Treatment Plant will be of 15000 m3/day capacity based biological processing. The forecasted period is 2.5 years. 
-Consultancy contract for supervision of HRWWTP Contact mentioned in item 1 above. This contract is financed by the World Bank. A Consultant Firm will contracted to supervise the above contract (DSI) for 2.5 years. 
-Technical Assistance to Hebron Municipality financed by AFD, currently under tendering processing. The forecasted period is 3 years.  
-Master Planning Study for Hebron Region.  
-Any other assignments related to the Program or as may requested by the Client (PWA)

Main responsibilities

-The Project Manager (PM) will work in PWA/PMU will be assisted by the procurement and financial specialists already recruited and working in PMU. The PM reports to the Head of the PMU.
-The Project Manager is the primary responsible for the successful implementation of the project to achieve the PDO and the project results indicators.
-The PM is mainly responsible for the management of works and consultancy services for the above-mentioned contracts as detailed but not limited to..

The PM will be working in close coordination with Hebron municipality and with other municipalities and village councils in the Hebron Governorate and other water service providers (WSP). The TOR is available on the PWA website: WWW.PWA.PS under advertisements.

Job Requirements

-A Bachelor degree in Engineering from an accredited university (Water and Sanitation Engineering, Civil, Construction, Mechanical; or Equivalent degree). Master Degree is preferable. The degree has to be endorsed by the MoHE. Also the candidate has to submit a valid registration at the Engineers Association. Specialization in wastewater treatment is an advantage.
-Demonstrated experience of minimum 8 years in the successful design, supervision and management of water and sanitation projects.  Experience in management contracts with a value higher than US$ 20 million and in management of contracts for wastewater treatment plants is an advantage.
-At least 5 years in construction management of water and sanitation infrastructure projects.
-Demonstrated experience of minimum 3 years of management of projects financed by an international donor organization.
-Demonstrated experience of successfully leading a team of national and international organizations.
-Oral and Written English and Arabic language proficiency. 
-Good command of Office package including Excel and in maintaining and updating project paperwork and progress reports on a regular basis and as requested by the head of the PMU/PWA.
-Driving license is an advantage. Options will be studied to identify the most suitable option for mobility.
Time Frame and Type of Contract
The duration of the assignment is one year on a full-time basis, extendable to the duration of the contracts to be implemented under the project based on the available funding and satisfactory performance.
In order to evaluate the most suitable candidate on the same evaluation basis, an individual consultant will be selected on the following criteriathat should be demonstrated in the CV:

-General qualifications (studies – diplomas)        
-Adequacy for the Assignment                     
-Relevant experience

The application should include a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a cover letter showing the suitability for the position (in English). The application should be submitted to the attention of Mr. Raed Sawaftah 

raed_sfatyahoo.com and copy to Eng. Sadi Ali Email: Saliatpwa-gpmu.org

no later than  December 21, 2016

Eng. Mazen Ghunaim
Head of PWA





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