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منظمة أطباء حول العالم -تركيا

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2016-11-09 00:00:00
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Physical Therapist – Part time
Medical Home Service Project

Doctors Worldwide - Turkey is announcing a job vacancy for the project of Medical Home Service No. (3-2015) and invite female applicants to submit their applications according to the followings:

Main Tasks and Duties: 

-Conduct office work and field work with the project team according to your profession.
-Conduct a field visits to the beneficiaries to assess their medical needs according to your profession.
-Prepare a Treatment Plan for each case according to patient needs and requirements and make any necessary changes.
-Provision of Physiotherapy services to the beneficiaries in-house or inside a Health Clinic or any site determined by Project Coordinator.
-Provide the beneficiaries with a proper training to use the Assistive Devices and follow up with them during the whole treatment process.
-Follow up the case and make the necessary amendment in the Treatment Plan in coordination with other project staff. 
-Write a periodic report according to the requirements and instructions by Project Coordinator for a specific implemented action.
-Provide the information necessary for the beneficiaries  and their families and the ways , mechanisms to deal with the current situation and tips to get to the psychological self-acceptance and satisfaction.
-Perform any needed training for other project staff or beneficiaries and their families which will be determined and planned by the Project Coordinator.
-Perform any tasks assigned by the Project Coordinator.
-Maintain the confidentiality and privacy of patients and project works.
-Follow and adhere to administrative sequence and chain of commands.

Required Skills and Competences:

-Bachelor degree in physical therapy from an accredited university with practical experience not less than 2 years in same field.
-Gender: Female.
-Has a practicing license from the Ministry of Health.
-Good looking and courteous in speech and able to persuade the assigned tasks.
-Team player and working under pressure.
-Computer skills and using of Microsoft office.
-Preparing and writing report by English and Arabic language.
-Fluent English language (Reading, Writing and Speaking).
-Ability to work under emergency situation.

The applicant who meets the above required qualifications, experiences and skills are invited to apply at Doctors Worldwide Turkey -Palestine office -Gaza , Ansar Square- Mushtaha Building (6) – 2nd Floor. 
Please make sure to bring all formal documents; certificates, work license, work experience, training courses, personal photo and copy of IDPassport.
Submission deadline is on Wednesday 09/11/2016 at 2:00pm
For more information please contact us on Tel:  +97 08 2632550 



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