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وظيفة معلنة بواسطة الهيئة الطبية الدولية

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2016-11-10 00:00:00
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International Medical Corps – WBG

Barrier Analysis Consultant


The USAID Gaza 2020: Health Matters project is designed to improve emergency preparedness and response (EPR), and to improve access and availability of quality primary and secondary health care by building the capacity of NGOs and community-based organizations (CBO) in Gaza and the West Bank. International Medical Corps (IMC) and its partners, Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, Inc. (CARE), Juzoor for Health and Social Development (Juzoor), and Mercy Corps, (the Consortium) bring together various components necessary to create a holistic system that is gender sensitive and responsive to crisis and to the needs of residents of Gaza and West Bank, including vulnerable populations.


In 2017, a Barrier Analysis will be conducted to identify barriers to improved health behaviors. For example, Palestinians in Gaza are well educated and well informed, yet continue to engage in unhealthy behaviors (for example, early introduction of complementary foods, smoking and leading sedentary lifestyles). The barrier analysis will help Gaza2020: Health Matters to address the needs of men, women, girls, boys, and marginalized or vulnerable persons with a better understanding of the needs of these segments of the population. The findings of the barrier analysis will inform community health interventions and health messaging to improve health awareness and health-seeking behavior in the community. 
International Medical Corps is planning to recruit a Barrier Analysis Consultant, to be based in Gaza. The consultant will be responsible to lead the study process. He/she shall work closely with respective staff within International Medical Corps Primary Health care Department, to ensure systematic development and implementation of the study. Moreover; will be responsible for all resources, including physical and human resources, needed to conduct and finalize the barrier analysis. 

Scope of Work:

The Barrier Analysis Consultant will be reporting to the Primary Health Care Specialist. The consultancy period is going to be for two months starting from the 25th of November to 25th of January 2017, under Part-Time Special Service Agreement(SSA). 

Time Distribution as follow:

2 Days:    Preparation for the workshops of Barrier Analysis.
3 Days:    Participation in the workshops.
2 Days:    Finalization of the tool with the Primary Health Care(PHC) team.
2 Days:    Finalization of the tool with the Secondary Health Care(SHC) team.
2 Days:    Finalization of the tool with the Emergency Preparedness Response(EPR) team.
12 Days:  Supervision and data collection from 24 focus groups.
3 Days:    Key informant interviews.
14 Days:  Preparation of the final reports for PHC, SHC and EPR.

Expected Deliverables are:

-Support the training of partners on both quantitative and qualitative research methods to facilitate survey.
-Develop the barrier analysis tool.
-Mentor the survey coordinators out in both quantitative and qualitative analysis of data collected to determine the status and gaps in the health status of the population.
-Analyze the barrier analyze data and report findings. 
-Write the barrier analysis reports.


-Master’s degree in Public Health or relevant field.
-At least 7 years monitoring and evaluation experience in international development settings; preferable at Nutrition, Hypertension, or Diabetes.
-Demonstrated experience in qualitative research methods including Barrier Analysis.
-Demonstrated experience in managing small and short term projects.
-Ability to work relatively independently, a self-starter and be able to self-manage.
-Experience working with NGOs (local and international) and relevant ministries.
-Good organizational skills to plan, design, implement, monitor, evaluate and report on projects
-Excellent facilitation skills.
-Fluency in English (oral and written).

Interested and qualified individuals are encouraged to send their CV’s along with a cover latter, in English, to 


no later than November 10th  2016.




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