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الرئيس يدعو الدول التي تؤمن بحل الدولتين للدفاع عنه بالاعتراف بدولة فلسطين
الرئيس في كلمته أمام مجلس حقوق الإنسان: من غير المجدي للسلام حديث البعض عن حلول مؤقتة لقضيتنا أو دمجها في إطار إقليمي


المجلس النرويجي للاجئين

Receptionist/ Support Assistant

Job Title:Receptionist/ Support Assistant
Department/Project No.:Support  
Job Location:Gaza
Duration of contract: 6 months/ with possibility of extension 

شركة Digital Cloud

Job brief

A copywriter's main job is to write persuasive, often sales-oriented, copy. Successful copywriting encourages people to take action. It requires creativity, excellent writing skills and an ability to meet tight deadlines. Copywriters must be able to collaborate with teams of editors, creative directors and account managers; they also interact with clients, pitch ideas, receive feedback and revise their work.

المجلس النرويجي للاجئين

NRC seeks

Re-Advertisement / 2 BLP Master Trainers

Job Title:BLP Master Trainer
Department/Project No.:Education
Job Location:Gaza

منظمة "بارسيك" اليابانية | PARCIC

Requirement for an agronomist in Gaza

Position/ Job Title
-Technical adviser(Gaza)

المجلس النرويجي للاجئين

NRC seeks ICLA Project Assistant

Job Title:ICLA Project Assistant
Department/Project No.:Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA)
Job Location: Gaza


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